Texas Electric Customer Tip: Save on Summer Electric Bills with a Whole House Fan

by admin on April 26, 2010

Everyone knows that in most cases, it’s cheaper to use fans to cool a home than air conditioners. But, many have never heard of whole house fans. Here we discuss what they are and how they can save you money on your Texas electricity bill.

What Is a Whole House Fan?

A whole-house fan is a type of fan installed in a building’s ceiling; hence, it is sometimes confused with an attic fan. Whole house fans tend to be found more in southern states and parts of the country that have milder temperatures for greater parts of the year than, for example, the northeast.

Why Whole House Fans are So Energy Efficient

A whole-house fan cools by pulling hot air out of a dwelling. They also pull cool air in from the outdoors through windows and doors. So in essence, whole house fans recycle cool air that’s already available. This makes them an excellent source of energy savings.

If you can’t afford an air conditioner, or you have one and don’t want to run it because of the cost, a whole house fan is a good option.

Texas Electric: Help for Low-Income and/or Credit-Challenged Customers

In the past, low-income and/or credit challenged had few options when it came to getting electric service. They either had to pay a huge deposit, or sign up with a high-cost prepaid electric service plan. Nowadays, it’s different.

Conventional Texas energy suppliers have a host of programs to help customers who may have had credit problems in the past and/or who live on a low income. One of the most popular is LITE-UP Texas.

It’s a no-deposit electric service plan that gives customers a discount on their energy bill five months out of the year (May through September). All you have to do is contact your current Texas electric supplier to find out qualifying details.

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