Buying a New TV? Here’s How to Make an Energy Efficient Purchase

by admin on May 3, 2010

In America, we tend to like things big – big houses, big cars, Big Macs and . . . big TVs. And, no state is known for this more than Texas. If it’s big, it’s probably welcomed in the Longhorn State. So if a brand new big TV is on your list, here’s how to make an energy efficient purchase so you’re not hit with a big fat McKinney Texas electric bill.

How Much Energy Do Televisions Consume?

According to Energy Star, your TV consumes about 4% of your Mckinney Texas home’s electricity. Currently, there are approximately 275 million TVs in use in the United States. They consume a whopping 50 billion kWh of energy every year. Just how much electricity is this? Enough to power all homes in the entire state of New York for a whole year.

So while 4% for each household may not seem like a lot, what if each of us cut the use by 1%? That’s an awful lot of energy saved.

Look for Energy Star Guidelines When Shopping for Your New TV

This is the first step to making sure that you buy an energy-efficient television. FYI, In September 2009, Energy Star finalized their updated specifications for televisions. The latest version of these specifications is Version 4.0 and they take effect in May of this year (2010). In 2012, Version 5.0 will take effect.

So make sure you look for televisions that go by the most updated Energy Star guidelines when shopping. Also, consider a smaller screen. At a certain point, when your screen is so big, you might as well go to the movies, right?

Get Summertime Savings with the Mckinney Texas LITE-UP Program

While you’re enjoying chilling out in front of your new energy-efficient TV with your friends, you can also ease your mind knowing that the AC that’s cranked up to keep the gang cool is not robbing you blind.

How? By signing up for the Mckinney Texas LITE-UP Program. It gives discounts to Mckinney Texas electric customers from May through September. And, you won’t have to worry about having your electric service cut off because you forgot to pay on your prepaid electric service plan, for example.

Texas energy companies that have been around for years offer 21st century options like this for low-income individuals, credit-challenged customers and others. Ask your Mckinney Texas electricity company rep for qualifying details.

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