Add Texas to States With Power to Choose Electricity Provider

by Michelle on December 24, 2010

Although some states deregulated electricity markets as early as the nineties Texas lagged behind and did not deregulate until 2002 when SB7 was passed by the Senate.

Now Texas can be added to the list of states that have the power to choose who generates their electricity.

Now there are numerous power companies competing in the utilities market so you have to compare rates in order to know if you are paying too much.

Use the Electric Rates comparison tool to compare power company rates and see if you can save.

  • Electricity rates are measured in cents and by per kwh.
  • Power rates can vary by as much as five cents per kwh.
  • Some electricity companies also offer fixed rate electricity.

Now that the Texas energy market is deregulated there are more choices not only in electricity companies but also in rates and plans as well.  Rates can vary up to five cents and those five cents adds up faster than many people realize.

Call an Electric Rates consultant at 1-800-971-4020 to learn more about Texas electricity deregulation and to get help in comparing electricity company rates.

A representative can even tell you how to sign up with a different company that offers a lower rate and you can start saving immediately.

Let Electric Rates help you start saving money by finding you a lower electricity rate.

You may start saving just in time for the holidays and what better gift to give yourself than some extra cash in your pocket.

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