TXU Energy Gives Opportunity to Save Money and Make Money

by Michelle on December 19, 2010

Ever since the deregulation of the utilities market in Texas many more companies are competing for your business and some of them are offering pretty sweet incentives for switching to their company.

Even those that may not offer bonuses may be offering a much lower rate than you are paying at present and savings of any type are nice.

Find out the best way to compare energy companies in Texas by calling 1-800-971-4020.

  • TXU offers a price guarantee plan that locks in a fixed rate for a certain period of time.
  • Periodically TXU may offer bonuses to new customers who sign of for a specific plan.
  • TXU serves over two million Texas electricity consumers.

TXU Energy already serves a couple of million Texas residents and there is likely a reason for their popularity.

Offering things such as bonuses and fixed rate plans are no doubt part of the reason for the company having so many loyal customers.

Compare the incentives offered by TXU to those offered by your current energy provider to determine where the better value lies.

To immediately see a comparison chart of the different Texas energy companies in your area use the online rate comparison tool or contact an Electric Rates representative.

Comparing is simple and knowing if there is a better rate out there is definitely better than not knowing.

Find out if TXU is offering an electricity rate that better suits you by making a quick phone call.  It won’t take long and the savings may be well worth the time.

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