Exploring “Time of Use” Pricing for Electricity

by Michelle on January 6, 2011

There is much talk these days about the high cost of supplying energy to your home and all the talk has spurred many experts to explore new ways for consumers to save.

If you live in some part of Texas you may have heard the term “time of use” pricing before because some electricity companies have already proposed or implemented such programs.

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  • Time-of-use pricing has already been implemented in some areas of Canada with price per kWh ranging from 9 cents to 4 cents.
  • Connecticut is also thinking of implementing such a program but at even higher peak rates than Canada.
  • Peak power times are most commonly in the afternoon hours.

Time-of-use pricing seems as though it has the potential to be a good or a bad thing depending on how high the peak rate is compared to when such a program is not implemented.

Many electricity companies who have experienced such pricing have found that the peak rate for electricity is considerably high and that the low non-peak rate is not evening out the overall bill.

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