Customers of Connecticut Light; Power to See Decrease in Rates

by Michelle on January 3, 2011

As the cold weather begins to blow Connecticut energy consumers will start turning up their thermostats and that means expecting higher utility bills for the next couple of months.

This year though customers of Connecticut Light & Power in Hartford and other Connecticut towns and cities will see a decrease in their winter heating bills.

The company is decreasing rates for residential energy customers by 7 percent in the new year.

To compare Connecticut Light & Power rates to other companies supplying electricity to Hartford, Connecticut contact an Electric Rates representative to make a simple and quick comparison.

  • The Connecticut Light & Power rate decrease will result in residential monthly bills of about $9 less per month.
  • The new rate will be set in January 2011 and will be effective by the time the first bill comes out.
  • Last year Connecticut Light & Power customers received a 5.4 percent rate decline.
  • The rate decrease is the result of a decline in the amount the company pays for wholesale electricity.

For two years in a row customers of Connecticut Light & Power have enjoyed decreases in the rate that they pay for their electricity.  Decreases in these percentages result in a significantly lower monthly energy bill.  Saving nearly $10 a month means saving more than $100 by the end of the year which is an amount that any energy consumer can appreciate.  But even with two years of rate drops Connecticut Light & Power may not be the cheapest electricity company providing service to Hartford and other Connecticut residents.

In order to determine if Connecticut Light & Power is one of the cheaper energy providers contact Electric Rates to compare the costs of their service to other local Connecticut electricity suppliers.

An Electric Rates representative can get your comparison started and you may not have to wait until January to pay a lower electricity rate.

Don’t wait until January to save money when you may be able to start saving now.

If you live in Connecticut you are already starting to accumulate heating costs so call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to see if you can control how much you pay for heating your home or business this year.

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