TXU Launches New and Improved Website

by Michelle on January 19, 2011

Energy consumers are becoming more and more conscious of their energy costs and usage these days and in response energy companies are giving customers new ways to keep track of how much energy they use and how much money they pay for that energy.  TXU Energy of Texas will now be providing their customers with the opportunity to monitor their energy usage with the launch of a newly designed customer website.  The announcement of the newly designed website just came in today but consumers are likely already utilizing the many tools that the new site has to offer.  Electricity companies are offering more services in order to compete in the much more competitive electricity market.  To find out more about TXU Energy and other Texas electricity companies and their rates and services contact Electric Rates by calling 1-800-971-4020.

  • At the new TXU website enhanced tools will be available for the company’s electricity customers.
  • Potential customers will be able to find more information needed to make an informed decision regarding electric company choice at the new TXU website.
  • TXU provides electricity to more than 2 million Texas energy consumers.
  • Account management is also available for TXU customers through the new TXU website.

These days the decision regarding which electricity company to choose to have provide you with your electricity is one that should be based on a number of factors and that includes which types of services a particular company offers.  This is why it is so important for Texas electricity customers to compare the rates of all of the Texas electricity companies in their particular service area.  Fortunately the internet makes research and comparisons much simpler than it used to be and just in time to help consumers to learn their way around the deregulated Texas electricity market.

Call Electric Rates and comparing energy companies is even easier than ever before and you will be able to compare numerous companies at once.

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to your local energy companies when Electric Rates is there to help you.

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