Texas El Paso Electric Looking to Invest in Solar Energy

by Michelle on January 25, 2011

In recent years we have been seeing a huge rise in the number of energy companies investing in more renewable energy resources and this is not only good for the energy companies themselves but for consumers and of course for the environment as well.  A lot of the focus has been on wind power but Texas-based El Paso Electric is currently looking into investing in solar energy and will be seeking approval from both the Texas Public Utility Commission and the City Council.  Should the deal be approved both residential and business customers would see a slight increase in their monthly energy bills.  Consumers in Texas that have their energy supplied from El Paso should call Electric Rates in order to compare the rates of additional electricity companies in the area.

  • Approximately 90% of both business and residential customers polled said that they support the solar energy investment.
  • Energy bills for residential customers would increase by about $1.50 per month on average and by $2.50 per month for business customers.
  • After being told of the increase residential and business customer approval was still between 80-85%.
  • The survey was conducted with approximately 800 current El Paso Electric customers.

In many cases energy consumers are supportive of the addition of more renewable energy sources and this has been the case with El Paso customers that were polled as well.  The increase in monthly energy bills is fairly insignificant when you compare it to the benefits of investing in renewable sources of energy such as solar power.  Likely not many consumers will have too much of an issue with paying a small amount more to see advancements made by their energy supplier but it is still important to compare rates because another energy company may offer solar energy too but for less.

Residential customers should use the Electric Rates online comparison tool to get a quick energy company rate comparison.

To start finding out if you can save right away, whether a residential or a business consumer, simply call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020.

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