Amigo Energy in Texas to Allow Online Commercial Customer Enrollment

by Michelle on February 2, 2011

Advancements in technology have changed the way some energy companies help their customers keep track of their bills, monitor their energy use, and now even enroll for service completely online.

Amigo Energy of Texas is implementing a new program that will allow commercial energy consumers to enroll for service using the internet rather than having to spend time on the phone.

The Texas electricity company serves a fairly large area so the new program will benefit a number of small business owners in the market for electricity.

Commercial energy consumers in the area being served by Amigo Energy will want to contact Electric Rates in order to get a rate quote for Amigo and other energy companies serving the area in order to find the best rate.

  • Residential customers of Amigo Energy already have the option of enrolling for services online, it is commercial customers that will be just gaining this option.
  • Amigo Energy is a subsidiary of the company Fulcrum Power Services.
  • The online enrollment option is a way for small business owners to save time even with all of their many demands.
  • Potential commercial energy consumers can view all of the rate and plan options online before making a choice to have their electricity supplied by Amigo.

With consumers having so many choices in electricity companies these days thanks to the deregulation of the Texas energy market providers must offer more than just a low rate if they want to draw customers in.

Everything from smart technology to online enrollment to renewable energy is being offered by many energy companies throughout the country as a way to increase their customer base.

The rate is only the first factor that should be considered when choosing an electricity company and comparing rates is easier than even right now.

Contact an Electric Rates consultant by calling 1-800-971-4020 and they can help you compare energy rates fast.

All you need to be able to do is tell Electric Rates where you live and within a few minutes you can find out what kind of choices you have in energy rates and electricity companies.

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