Electricity Transmission Lines to Run Through Hill Country, Texas

by Michelle on February 8, 2011

Recently an energy project was approved in Hill Country, Texas that has been the subject of a lot of controversy for area residents and officials that would be affected by the project.  The project involves the installation of a number of electricity transmission lines through the area and the issues and concerns that some individuals have with the project have mainly to do with safety.  The power that will be transmitted through the lines will come from a wind farm in West Texas and one of the concerns, particularly for home owners, is that property will be disrupted along the way.  Debates regarding the issues have been ongoing for a short period of time but the decision is now made.  Energy consumers in the Texas Public Utility Commission service area can make a call to Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to compare energy company rates quickly.

  • The transmission line project is estimated to cost between $330 million and $350 million.
  • In the end the transmission lines will cover a total of 140 miles.
  • A large area, including the I-35 corridor, Schleicher County, Junction, and Kerrville will benefit from the project.
  • Some residents and officials are proposing ways to make the line less intrusive.

Although change is often for the better it is in many cases resisted by the individuals effected because change can also be somewhat unsettling.  The transmission line project will likely be very beneficial for many individuals but knowing that does not change the fact that change is change.  One change that many energy consumers are comfortable with these days though is the fact that the Texas electricity market is now deregulated and consumers have a choice in energy providers.

Make that choice work for you by calling Electric Rates and having them help you compare rates since you can choose whichever company you wish to.  There is no telling how much you could save by simply making a quick switch.

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