Allentown PA Fires From A Gas Explosion

by admin on February 10, 2011

In Allentown Pennsylvania a natural gas explosion destroys a downtown neighborhood taking 1 life and leaving 5 missing.

Around 500 residents where evacuated while fire fighters rushed to the scene to put out the fire.

The explosion sent several of the residents belongings flying through windows and walls.

Antonio Arroyo said on a report “I thought we were under attack.”

The cause of the explosion is unclear and the damage took out 8 homes.

16 other homes where also effected by the fires.

Residents hope that the gas explosion will not do major damage to the Allentown PA economy.

This explosion will leave residents wondering if they should use gas in their homes.

Before you panic to sign up with a fixed rate for the next 12 months, remember since this is a isolated explosion in a neighborhood it should not change the prices on gas or electricity.

If the explosion had been at the cities gas gates the energy market would see a spike in electric rates and gas prices but this was not the situation in Allentown.

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