TXU gives $1000 to customers using solar energy source

by admin on July 29, 2011

TXU electricity is giving a $1000 discount to residential customers who install solar panels on their homes. The offer is through TXU and Solar City.

Customers that live in Fort Worth and Dallas can participate in the five million dollar program.

To sum up the program home owners can save $1000 on a possible $6000 solar panel revamp of their home however the cost to buy solar array outright is higher than $6000. People living in a 60 mile radius of Solar City can apply for the discount.

Green energy product are becoming like 3D TVs, there is a lot of hype for both but not everyone can afford them.

What are the Benefits?

The savings a solar panel system has on a home’s energy bill could be over $100 depending on the Texas electricity rate plan. Other savings include a tax incentive of 30 percent tax credit on the purchase of the solar panels. Taking care of the planet for future generations is a non-monetary benefit of participating in the program.

TXU has always been a formidable foe when it comes to competition in the Texas energy market. Now TXU is raising the bar even more with the latest program.

TXU offers competitive rates in Texas. Customers can compare TXU electric rates to ours by visiting TXU’s website.

ElectricRates.com does not sell electricity through TXU.

To see Electric Rates’ providers plans customers can type in their zip codes into the compare box in the upper right.

Commercial customers can do the same or call 1-800-971-4020 to speak with a Texas energy consultant.

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You can also read more about TXU on electricrates.com.

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