Business Name:Burney Forest Power

Address:35586b State Highway 299 E
Zip Code:96013

About: The facility is a 31 Mega Watt biomass fueled power generation plant. It uses grate stoker combustion to generate the electricity then sell it to PG&E.

Url: n/a
Nearest Intersection: Goose Valley Rd & State Route 299
Map Coordinates:40.872634, -121.693266

Electric Companies in Burney, California

You can choose among several electric companies in Burney California if your city is in a deregulated electric utility area. recommends calling the Electric Companies in Burney, California listed on this page and getting an electric rates quote to compare with our electric rates comparison chart. Once you have the quote from the Burney energy supplier you can compare their electric rates with several other Burney electric companies in your area of California. You may also call to speak to one of our energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020

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