Direct Energy

3880 Hulen St 817-735-8607

Business Name: Direct Energy
Address:3880 Hulen St
City: Fort Worth
State: Texas,
Zip Code: 76107
Phone: 817-735-8607
Fax: n/a
Url: n/a
Nearest Intersection:Valentine St & Hulen St S
Map Coordinates: 32.722715, -97.386801

Electric Companies in Fort Worth, Texas

Direct Energy electric company is one of several retail electric companies in Fort Worth. If you are using Direct Energy we encourage you to compare their residential or commercial electric rates in Fort Worth with some of our electric providers in our comparison chart. We have attempted to make a clear apples to apples comparison of electricity prices and companies so you have an accurate picture before you make your decision.

Direct Energy offers both residential and commercial electric service in Fort Worth. We do not currently offer Direct Energy in our electricity rates comparisons but have provided an easy way for you to compare their prices with several other reputable electric providers in the Fort Worth area. In our comparison chart to the right you will just need to enter in yoru Fort Worth zip code. Rates will appear in a detailed table and chart showing you prices from cheapest to most expensive.

All fees and charges have been bundled into the electricity rates in our chart so you have an easy to understand explanation of the prices providers in Fort Worth are offering you. If you want to compare these electricity prices with Direct Energy be sure to call Direct Energy and ask them what fees and charges are left off of their price they are quoting you on the phone. Request for them to let you know if TDSP charges are included in the advertised rate. Also ask if line losses and ancillary charges have been factored into the price. Another thing to ask them is if the rate they are quoting you is a fixed rate or variable rate.

Once you have this information you will be able to make a clearer comparison of electricity prices next to Direct Energy’s quote. The only thing that will not be bundled into either our rates or Direct Energy’s rates are the taxes. Taxes are not included in the rate and this is an industry standard practice. We mention this only to be as thorough as possible so you know what you are signing up for and how to compare your rate.

You can choose among several electric companies in Fort Worth Texas if your city is in a deregulated electric utility area in Texas. recommends calling the Electric Companies in Fort Worth, Texas listed on this page and getting an electric rates quote to compare with our electric rates comparison chart. Once you have the quote from the Fort Worth energy supplier you can compare their electric rates with several other Fort Worth electric companies in your area of Texas. You may also call to speak to one of our energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020

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