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by admin on May 16, 2010

Multiple Energy Providers to Choose from in Plano, Texas Area

Shopping around for electricity rates is not always a rewarded task but in Plano, Texas there are multiple companies to choose from which means you could be paying too much for your electricity and not even know it.

Rates can range as much as three cents depending on the company you choose to get your services from so it is important to know what electricity rates each company charges so that you can choose the least expensive of them all.

Although comparing the prices of each electric company offering services to the Plano area may seem like a daunting and tedious task there is actually a very simple way that this can be done.

Surely calling each company would be time consuming which is why Electric Rates has done the work for you.

Simply visit the Electric Rates website and on the very first page you will find a comparison tool.

Enter your zip code to find out what electric rates in Plano, Texas are available to you.

This is a quick and easy way to compare rates but if you feel more comfortable talking to a real person you have that option as well.

Call a consultant at 1-800-971-4020 and they will help you determine which energy provider will give you the best electricity rate in your area.

You can be sure that each of the providers that come up in the comparison chart has been looked into by Electric Rates and is a legitimate company offering you legitimate savings.

Power Scape

101 E Park Blvd # 600 972-516-3737

Business Name: Power Scape
Address: 101 E Park Blvd # 600
City: Plano
State: Texas,
Zip Code: 75074
Phone: 972-516-3737
Fax: n/a
Url: n/a
Nearest Intersection: Central Pky E & G Ave
Map Coordinates: 33.029161, -96.70526

Electric Companies in Plano, Texas

You can choose among several electric companies in Plano Texas if your city is in a deregulated electric utility area in Texas. ElectricRates.com recommends calling the Electric Companies in Plano, Texas listed on this page and getting an electric rates quote to compare with our electric rates comparison chart. Once you have the quote from the Plano energy supplier you can compare their electric rates with several other Plano electric companies in your area of Texas. You may also call to speak to one of our energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020

When choosing a Plano Texas electricity provider we recommend comparing fixed electric rates. You will see that by default our chart will show you the cheapest month to month and 3 month electricity rates. Although the rate is cheap the first few months it could go up in price based on the energy fuel market. It could also go down further in price but most people would rather not take on the risk of a variable Plano electricity rate.

Instead of going with variable just click on the “fixed” tab after entering your Plano TX zip code in the comparison chart above. The fixed tab will show you multiple Plano electric rates and energy suppliers to compare. The most popular fixed electricity price is the 6 month and 12 month fixed rate.

All of the Plano electricity companies advertising their electric rate plans have been screened before being placed in our comparison chart. This screening process makes sure they are not hiding additional fees and charges in their advertised electric rate. All fees and charges are disclosed and the only thing not bundled into the rates in our chart are the taxes. Based on where you are in the county and city you may pay a little less on taxes and because this can’t be determined simply by zip code we have not bundled taxes into the rate. Taxes makes up a very small portion of your Plano electricity rate price and in fact all Texas electricity companies do not include these in their advertised rate because of similar reasons. The state government also does not bundle in the taxes in their Texas Electric price studies.

We say all this just to make it clear that we are about educating the Plano Texas energy consumer. We want you to know exactly what your electricity rate is that you are shopping and comparing with other electric companies. Once you have decided on a Plano electric rate you can sign up online or click to learn more. If you would prefer to speak with someone over the phone you may call us at 1-800-971-4020 and one of our energy consultants can answer any questions you may have.

You may also call Power Scape and see if they offer electric rates in Plano to compare with the competitive electricity providers in our comparison chart. If they do it will help you in making an even more comprehensive electric rate comparison for the Plano area. We believe you will find our straight forward comparison of electric rates the most helpful way to shop for your commercial or residential electric rates in Plano.

Electric Cramming

We would like to encourage those in the Plano TX electric utility area to look at your electric bill for any bogus looking charges. Some electricity companies will do a tactic known as electric service cramming. This involves charging you fees for services the electric company doesn’t even offer. You may see some different line items on your bill for things like “meter fee” and “monthly service fee” and other things like this. Sometimes these fees are legitimate but sometimes the Plano electric company has strategically added in fees like this to bump up the price of their electricity rate without you realizing it.

So if you haven’t been paying close attention to your electricity bill in Plano we would like to encourage you to do so.

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