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by admin on June 17, 2010

Houston TX Energy Rates and Electricity Rates Price Comparison

Houston TX Energy Rates and Electricity Rates Price Comparison

In Houston you can choose from multiple Texas electric companies including Direct Energy. Direct Energy is a great retail electricity provider and is one of the largest electric companies in North America. Saying that, you still have a choice from among about 30 different electric providers in Houston Texas.

There are actually more electric companies than 30 in Houston TX but many of them are not worth working with because they are fly by night and unethically run electric providers that have bad billing, customer service, or are flat out hiding fees and charges from their customers.

When comparing electricity companies it is worth going through an energy consulting company like ours. We have prescreened the electric companies in our comparison chart and have averaged in all fees and charges in the rates shown in our residential electric rate chart.

A Houston energy consumer can filter through fixed rate and variable electricity rate plans among multiple electric providers in Houston to find the best price and deposit option.

Unfortunately when finding an electricity company that will not ask you for a deposit amount you will have a little difficulty.

All Houston electricity companies will hide what their credit score criteria that decides if a customer gets locked in to their electric rate plan with or without a deposit.

The reason for the secrecy is simple. If electric companies in Houston were to disclose that they are the go to electric provider for credit risk customers they would be hit with over a 75% default rate. Yes, that means 75% of their customers would eventually default on an electric bill.

These defaults would quickly bankrupt an electric company because their business model is based on thin margins and large volume.

They must keep their good customer count high and their bad customer count low and manage this risk by asking for a deposit based on credit score numbers.

The only other way around this headache is to go with a prepaid electricity company in Houston.

There are major problems with choosing a prepaid electricity provider and this has mainly to do with the tricks used to gather customers.

You will usually see a very attractive ad that shows a $99 start up charge to get electricity turned on.

Keep in mind this Houston prepaid electricity company did not tell you how long your electricity service will remain on for $99.

In a week or 2 they will call you back for an additional $200 to keep service turned on or they will shut you off.

OK, now how much do you love your new prepaid electric company?

Most people quickly begin to hate their Houston prepaid no deposit electricity company because they are nothing more then a con game.

Rather then go through this fiasco we recommend using our electricity rate comparison chart at the top right of this page.

Just enter in your zip code and click on “Compare Rates” and a detailed list and comparison will appear showing you multiple rates and providers to choose from.

We recommend choosing a long term fixed electric rate like a 6 month – 12 month fixed rate because this offers you price stability as your rate will not change from month to month.

The variable electricity prices in the comparison chart are subject to change each and every month both up and down in price based on energy commodity markets.

Although a variable rate usually cheaper the first month due to introductory rate they will go up on the 2nd month half the time.

If you have questions about our Houston Texas electricity comparison chart please give us a call at 1-800-971-4020

Direct Energy

8 E Greenway Plz 1000 832-476-2450

Business Name: Direct Energy
Address: 8 E Greenway Plz 1000
City: Houston
State: Texas
Zip Code: 77046
Phone: 832-476-2450
Fax: n/a
Url: n/a
Nearest Intersection: Greenway Plz E & Richmond Ave
Map Coordinates: 29.732439, -95.431463

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Electric Companies in Houston, Texas

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