Buying Electricity in Beaumont, Texas

Buying electricity is not the same in every state and every city in America.

Some electricity markets are much more competitive than others and it is in those markets that there is the potential to save a significant amount of money on your total energy costs.

Some Beaumont, Texas electricity companies may charge considerably lower electricity rates than others and it is these ones that you want to be buying your electricity from.

Determining which electricity company charges the lowest rate is not always as simple as it sounds though unless you use a comparison tool such as the one offered by Electric Rates.

Electric Rates makes it simple to compare both the fixed and the variable rates of different electric companies in the Beaumont area.

Go to the comparison chart tool and enter your zip code and in a matter of moments you will be provided with a comparison chart that lists the rates of all of the energy companies serving your area.

After you see what types of options are out there you should call a consultant if you would like any more information that might not be provided in the comparison chart.

If you see a rate plan that you like simply continue to the sign-up page and start taking control of the money that comes out of your pocket and goes into the electricity industry’s.

You surely do not want to be paying more for your electricity rates than you have to be so utilize your power to choose by comparing electricity rates by using Electric Rates’ online comparison tool.

Sam Houston Electric

Highway 287 409-981-5927

Business Name: Sam Houston Electric
Address: Highway 287
City: Beaumont
State: Texas
Zip Code: 77701
Phone: 409-981-5927
Fax: n/a
Url: n/a
Nearest Intersection: Corley Ave & 12th St
Map Coordinates: 30.061502, -94.135064

Need Cheap Electricity Service in Beaumont Texas?

ElectricRates is here to help you make the right choice through straight forward electric rate comparisons without the hidden fees and charges. Whether you need electric service for your new home in Beaumont TX or you are just looking for a better electric price, ElectricRates allows you to compare Electric Companies in Beaumont, Texas and order online.

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Electric Companies in Beaumont, Texas

When you are wanting to compare Beaumont electric service for your home from companies like Reliant Energy, TXU Energy, Sam Houston Electric and others you want to avoid falling for hidden fees and charges. It would also do you good to avoid prepaid Texas electric companies trying to hook you into an energy rate that is double other Electric Companies in Beaumont, Texas. ElectricRates does the complicated task of providing an electric rates comparison that includes all fees and charges excluding tax! Not only will you find cheap deals on electric service, you can also find tailor made electric rate plans that meet your move in and move out schedule while avoiding an early termination fee.

Beaumont Electricity Service Shopping Made Easy

Just a heads up for those that are new to the electricity service shopping game in Beaumont TX. It is easy in many ways of looking at it as all you are doing is comparing prices side by side. The tricky aspect of it is a few loopholes in the Texas law that allow some disreputable electricity companies in Beaumont to make their electric rate appear cheap when it really isn’t.

This isn’t typically what electric companies do but it does happen and so I would like to point out a couple of tactics some of these “bad” electric providers will do to you. Many times they will advertise by location a rate that does not include TDSP charges. TDSP charges are passed through from another company so their cop out is that they are not responsible for these charges. Keep in mind that about 80% of the electricity companies in Texas will bundle in those TDSP charges in their advertised prices and you realize something is amiss.

By leaving off 2 – 3 cents from the electric rate all of a sudden these electricity companies have a rate that looks better than everybody else. Of course, the customer will not be too happy but they don’t care. These electricity suppliers work from the basis that Texas consumers are quick to forget. In fact quite a large number of an electric suppliers customers are relocating to a new town, and new move in’s. These people usually have not the slightest idea what tricks an electric company in Beaumont may be trying to pull.

So be sure to question your electric supplier you are considering using as they may not be showing you the whole picture. At ElectricRates we make it clear what your all-in electric rate will be by averaging in every fee and charge accept for taxes. You will know exactly what you are paying for your electricity service because our business philosophy is to be honest and ethical when comparing and selling you electricity service from various energy suppliers. Our Texas electric companies have been screened prior to being placed on our electric rates comparison chart. This allows you to not have to worry about getting taken by an energy provider up to no good.

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