According to home energy experts, anywhere from 60% to 75% of a home’s cool air escapes through cracks in and around windows and doors. That’s a lot of money literally “flying out the window.”

Window treatments like curtains and blinds help to curb this air loss. One beautiful option that can help you save on your summer electric bill is wood window blinds. Not only are they functional, they can help you save money.

2 Ways Wooden Window Blinds Can Help You Save Money

Replace Air Loss: One of the functions of your air conditioner (and heating system) is to replace air in your home that is lost due to poor insulation.

Block Heat from Sun: Wood blinds also block out the hot rays of the sun. This means your air conditioner uses less energy to cool your home. This leads to lower Texas electric bills – which can be pretty steep during steamy summers.

Wood blinds can also be more cost effective than curtains because over time, curtains can fade from the light of the sun. Wood blinds hold their beauty much longer. Instead of replacing them, all you have to do is repaint them – and it can be years before this needs to be done.

Have You Signed Up for the Texas LITE-UP Program?

What is this? The Texas LITE-UP program is an easy way to get energy savings. It gives a discount to qualified customers five months out of the year on their energy bills (May through September).

For example, if you’re on a prepaid electric service plan, you probably hate to open your energy bill – especially during the summer months because it’s so high. That’s because prepaid electric plans can cost 15% to 30% or more than a regular electric plan.

Ask your Texas electricity company if you qualify for the Texas LITE-UP program, or other programs like it.

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