While shopping for a cheap rate plan in Mckinney Texas it is easy to become tricked and confused during the process. Some disreputable electricity companies have been known to create 3 or 4 different name brands so when one brand name becomes tarnished from practicing disreputable tactics another brand can start the same practice all over again.

Through testing different dishonest sales tactics to achieve more residential electric customers in Mckinney these disreputable electric companies will try just about anything.

The hoops these energy service companies jump through involve general rules and regulations that offer enough vagueness to add in a clause or trick here and there in their electricity service agreement. The unsuspecting Mckinney TX electric service customer signs up for an energy service contract with this disreputable company thinking they have the cheapest electricity rate plan only to find out when they receive their first months electric bill that they have been tricked.

What Tricks and Gimmicks Are Used Against Unsuspecting Mckinney Electric Service Customers?

One trick involves advertising a very low variable electricity rate that changes monthly. The good thing about a variable electric rate in Mckinney TX is that you are not committed are locked in with an energy company. You can leave at anytime without paying a penalty generally. What a disreputable electricity company has done in the Mckinney area is to advertise one rate but charge you a different price once the meter is read and switched into your name.

You see it generally takes about a week for the meter guy to switch the service over into your name. It can happen quicker than that but the problem is that the energy provider has stipulated in the contract that you are not being locked into the advertised rate but the electric rate for the day your meter is read and switched. So after a few days if your advertised rate goes up in price by 1/2 a penny or more you will be charged for that rate instead. You may not even see the issue for several months

Even though you spent a great deal of time shopping around for the cheapest electricity company in Mckinney TX you end up paying a much higher price. Your time of shopping has been waisted and your trust was abused and taken for granted by your new electric service company.

The Public Utility Commission in Texas Is Considering Limiting The Amount of Brand Names One Provider Can Use

To prevent Texas electricity companies from doing whatever they want the PUCT wants to make it harder for the electricity providers to practice different marketing gimmicks under the disguise of different brand names. The electricity provider in Mckinney TX is attempting to protect one brand name from accusations from disgruntled customers while using the other brand to use all manner of lies and tricks, and legal gymnastics.

What Can You Do To Avoid Dishonest Electric Companies in Texas?

We have screened Mckinney TX electricity providers we have listed in our comparison chart that have all fees and charges disclosed. We do not advertise rate plans and electricity rates with built in tricks and fees to be added in later. The only fees not in the rate are taxes. The taxes differ based on county and city location information and because of this all electricity companies in Texas leave these fees off. This is not to be dishonest but because they are much harder to determine. Taxes make up a very small portion of the electric rate. We say this just to be very clear that what our Mckinney electricity rates and comparisons are showing you is the clearest comparison of several electric providers in the Mckinney Texas area.


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