Pennsylvania has a deregulated energy market. What this means is, consumers are free to choose their electric provider. Not only that, in many cases they can choose how their energy is generated.

With this freedom has come a lot of confusion for Pennsylvania electric customers as to how to go about getting green energy. Following is some information about green energy in Pennsylvania that may help you understand your options more.


What is Green Energy in Pennsylvania? Green energy comes in different forms, eg, the sun, wind, plant matter, wave power and geothermal power. Some energy companies use more than one of these. To find out which kind of green energy resources your Pennsylvania electricity company uses, ask.

Help for Homeowners to Make Their Homes More Green: Low-interest loans are available to help homeowners refinance energy-efficient projects under the Keystone HELP program.


Green Energy Cost to Consumers: Some Pennsylvania electricity companies offer green pricing services. What this does is allow consumer pay a small premium to get electricity generated from green energy sources.

Did You Know?

Pennsylvania will soon require that 20 percent of the electricity generated in the state be green energy.

As the state moves to increase its green energy consumption, more savings are expected. But, you don’t have to use green energy to save on your Pennsylvania electric bill.

Switch to Save

One of the quickest ways to start seeing savings on your energy bill is to switch from a prepaid electric service plan to a conventional plan. If you worry about qualifying, don’t.

You can either save up and pay a deposit, which would instantly lower your monthly bill. Or, you can apply for low-deposit and no-deposit electric service plans many Pennsylvania electricity companies offer.

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