Pennsylvania electricity consumers have a deregulated energy market. This means that consumers can choose their energy supplier. With competition, however, comes the good as well as the bad. One of the things that consumers should look out for is what energy experts call “electric cramming.”

Electric Cramming Defined

This practice is when unauthorized charges are added to your electric bill without your consent. Not only is it patently illegal, you are not obligated to pay for these charges.

How to Tell If You’ve Been “Crammed”

To see if you’ve been crammed, keep a close eye on your Pennsylvania electric bill. Specifically, you want to look for: (i) charges from companies whose name you don’t recognize; and/or (ii) regulatory fee charges from companies that are not providing you service.

If you’ve been crammed, contact your Pennsylvania electricity provider immediately. Let them know about the charges and have them removed from your bill.

Pennsylvania Electricity Consumers: Why Being Crammed Can Be a Good Thing

Cramming requires you to keep a close eye on your bill. This is a good thing, for you can use the info you find there to shop for more savings.  One easy way to do this is to shop for a traditional

Pennsylvania electric company.

Not only can sticking with a company that has been around for a while save you from things like cramming, these companies offer low-deposit and no-deposit plans to help you save. If you’re accustomed to paying the high cost of prepaid electric service plans, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save by switching to a more cost-effective low-deposit or no-deposit energy plan.

Contact your Pennsylvania electricity supplier to inquire about low-deposit or no-deposit electric service plans you may qualify for.

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