If you are living in Harker Heights or Killeen TX chances are you are in the military are have some kind of connection to the military community. We have a special relationship with those in the military here at ElectricRates.com. Like many others we have family living in Killeen and living at the military base there.

Many young people just entering the military may have not yet established credit history yet. This can be unfortunate when trying to get moved into an apartment as well as signing up for Texas electricity service in your name.

Most Texas electric companies in Killeen and Harker heights are going to check your credit prior to letting you know if a deposit amount will be required and what that amount might be. On average you can plan on paying atleast $300 as a deposit if you have no established credit or just an OK credit score.

Many Killeen TX electric providers are looking for something very close to a 700 credit score or above to allow you to sign up with them with no deposit. This means that most of us will have to put down a deposit regardless. If you have already paid a deposit in Killeen or Harker Heights for yoru apartment rental you will find this to be an additional burden that may not even be worth it to you.

This situation causes many to look at prepaid and no deposit Killeen TX electric companies. A no deposit electric comany will have a special incentive to get you to switch to their electricity company. They will usually have a special $99 sign up fee to get service immediately switched in your name. Many times a credit check is not required.

The down side to a pay as you go electric company like this is that they will ask you for an additional amount of money in only a couple weeks to keep service turned on. The pay as you go electric company never really mentioned what your electric rate will be in the hook because they don’t want you to focus on that.

The truth is your electric rate may be near double what a traditional competitive electric company in Harker Heights or Killeen Texas is offering. So although you initially only paid $99 to get service turned on you than must come up with $200 – $300 more in the next couple of weeks to keep service turned on.

You will quickly see that the deposit with a traditional electric company in Killeen Texas may have made more sense. You see although you started out paying only $99 you are now having to come up with what you would have paid as a deposit with a traditional Killeen TX electricity provider.

We recommend shopping electric rates in Killeen or Harker Heights TX by using our electric rates comparison chart.

We have screened the electric providers in our chart so no hidden fees, gimmicks, or tricks are used to achieve your business. The electric rates in the chart are clear straight forward prices. We have attempted to make the comparison consumer oriented and educational.

Once you have compared variable or fixed electric rates in Killeen Texas and have decided on the best electric company for you just click on “continue”.

You will than be taken to a sign up page where you can read their terms of service and other information about the company and rate.

You may sign up online and order electric service on their website as well as specify your exact move in date you need electricity service turned on.

The credit check is performed online and will offer you what the deposit amount will be if any once you enter in your information.

If the deposit is to much we recommend trying the next electric provider in the list until you find a rate and deposit amount you can live with.

If you haven’t seen it yet our electricity rate comparison chart is on the top right of this page. Just enter your zip code to get started and click on “compare”.

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