Hot water is a must – something everyone in a home uses multiple times a day. Therefore, it makes sense that it is a big contributor to the monthly electric bill. Following is a “green” hot water choice you may not have heard about that can help you save significantly on your Texas electric bill.


The Tankless Water Heater System: How They Save on Energy Costs


Tankless water heating systems are different from traditional water heaters in that they heat water only when you use it. In contrast, traditional water heaters keep water hot all the time. This means it is constantly operating – shutting on and off to keep the water warm. In essence, you’re paying for hot water even when you’re not using it.

As tankless water heating systems heat water as you use it, it means you’re paying only for the water you use. Not only that, it means that you never have to worry about running out of hot water – because there is no “tank” with hot water sitting in it for you to run out of.

This is not only an environmentally friendly water heating system, it is a wallet-friendly one as well.

And with thousands of dollars in energy tax rebates being given by the federal government, now has never been a better time to upgrade to this type of system.


Take Your Savings One Step Further with the Right Texas Electric Plan

Outfitting your home with green appliances like this can save you tremendously, so don’t turn around and give money away by not taking the time to choose the best energy plan.

What do we mean? When was the last time you checked your Texas electric bill to see how much you’re paying every month? Undoubtedly, if you’re using a prepaid electric service plan, you are paying significantly more than you need to.

With no-deposit plans like the Texas LITE-UP program, you can get savings five months out of the year on you energy bill. Many consumers don’t know this.

Expensive options like prepaid electric service plans drain the savings you could be getting by just making one simple phone call to your Texas energy supplier and switching.


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