Texas deregulated its electricity market in 2002. What this meant for Texas electric customers is that they, for the first time in many cases, were granted the right to choose their energy supplier.

But, it is not a state-wide choice. Some consumers don’t live in areas where they can select their Texas electricity provider. Why is this?

Texas Electric: What Determines the Right to Choose?


In part, city-owned and operated utility providers and member-owned electricity cooperatives decide whether or not to let their customers choose their own providers. Some elect to do so; others decided not to.

How to Find Out If You Live in a Competitive Energy Market

So how do you know if you live in an area that lets you choose your Texas electric provider?

You can call 866-PWR-4-TEX and ask. Or you can do it online very quickly.

Sites like electricrates.com not only allow you to simply plug in your zip code to see if you live in a competitive energy market, but they give you all the info you need to choose the best energy provider for your needs.

For example, you can compare the rates of Texas electric companies in your area, find out about no deposit and low-deposit electric service plans and a host of other important facts about choosing an energy company.

Speaking of no-deposit and low-deposit plans, there are many options available for struggling consumers – especially for those who may be using the more expensive prepaid electric service plans. One is the popular LITE-UP Texas Program. It offers consumers a discount on their energy bill five months out of the year (May through September).

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