Texas Electric Consumer Fraud Alert: Is Your Energy Company Really Who You Think They Are

by admin on April 9, 2010


Many consumers don’t know it, but in Texas, electric companies can use up to five different names for their company. Known as “trade names” or “assumed names,” it’s a common practice in business. Following are a couple of reasons why.

Why Electricity Providers May Use Different Names

It’s a Subsidiary: One of the main reasons companies use various trade names is that they have subsidiaries. For example, Electric Supplier B may be a subsidiary of Electric Supplier A. A owns B, but B operates as its own company.

It’s a Different Product Line: A secondary common reason companies take on assumed names is that it’s the same company, but with different product lines. For example, an electric company’s green energy option line may be marketed separate and apart from its traditional energy options.

The problem comes in when a consumer who is shopping for electricity providers wants to check the history of a given Texas electricity supplier. For example, what if a consumer wanted to check to see if a company has complaints lodged against it with the Better Business Bureau?

Knowing which name to research can get confusing. This has become such a concern that the Public Utility Commission of Texas (the PUCT) launched an investigation into the practice of just how Texas electric suppliers go about marketing their services under various names.

To avoid being bamboozled when researching Texas electric companies, stick with traditional energy providers that have been around for decades. This way you won’t have to worry about getting taken advantage of by a company that may or may not be legitimate.

Conventional electric companies in Texas offer consumers the very best in:

The Latest Money Saving Options: Via the LITE-UP Texas program, you can save on your electric bill during the high-cost months of May through September.

No Deposit Electric Service Plan Options: Have bad credit? Have a low income? There is help for you via no deposit electric plans. You no longer have to automatically sign on with high-cost prepaid electric service plans just because you’ve experienced some setback.

Via programs like these and a myriad of others, traditional Texas electric companies make it easy for you to get the best service – without having to worry about who you’re “really” doing business with.

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