These days, more and more ordinary consumers are aware of the potential savings on their electric bill from choosing energy efficient appliances. After all, when you go to an appliance store, you can’t help seeing big advertisements promising savings.

But to reduce your electric bills, it’s not enough to choose appliances that save the most energy. You also need to use appliances carefully, choosing only what you need. That’s where many consumers miss the boat.

The truth is, appliances aren’t just “on” or “off.” The amount of rnnning time and the amount of power can have a huge impact on your electric bill. You can easily control your usage, so you save even more with an energy-efficient appliance, and you accomplish some savings with ordinary appliances.

You don’t need to cool the house when you are at work. Turn your air conditioner off or down while you are at work. When you return home, resist the temptation to turn the thermostat setting down really low to cool the house off. Instead, keep thermostat set to the temperature that’s comfortable. Your home cools off just as quickly.

You don’t need the hottest water setting to wash your clothes. Washing in cold water cuts electricity by as much as 90%, according to some estimates. Choose a cold rinse temperature. This cycle doesn’t make your clothes cleaner.

You don’t need multiple small loads in your clothes washer and dish washer. Every time you make a cold start with a washer, you run up your electric bill because you heat the water. Run a few large loads instead of several small ones. Running more than one large load? Try to run them one right after the other, so you use water that ‘s already hot.

In some parts of the US, such as Texas and Pennsylvania, you can save on your electric bills even more by choosing the lowest-cost electrical supplier.. You may get a lower rate or a lower deposit or both. Use our site to run a comparison of electric companies and their prices.

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