If you live in a city where electricity has been deregulated (such as Houston or Dallas in Texas), you may know that you can shop around for the best rate. That means you can compare rates from different electric companies and choose the most favorable.

But many smart consumers are not aware of the best way to shop for electricity in Dallas
. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy if you know the two “insider” words to use. Just ask every electric company to share with you their “fact label.” You may have to ask: companies will not always volunteer this information.

If you’re new to comparison shopping for savings on your electric bill, this term may be new to you. However, it is very similar to the nutrition label you find on a cereal box or vitamin bottle. Just as you might compare sodium content of two brands of soup, you can compare price and contract length or two or more electric companies

Are you living in a city or state where electricity has just been deregulated? Now you have the opportunity to compare electrical rates among different companies. You can now use a FREE online service to compare rates in certain areas of the US, including the Texas cities of Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

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