If you want to own an energy efficient house providing a comfortable, peaceful, and climate resistant ambiance, you must opt for an earth-sheltered house. It would be the perfect choice for you. The earth sheltered houses are absolutely energy efficient and will cost you lower Laredo, TX electric rates. The earth sheltered houses do not need a thick insulation as is needed in a conventional house. Insulation facilitates the resistance to outer flow of heat. Better the insulation, more is the heat flow resistance and lower is the energy cost.

The earth sheltered houses can be classified into two types – one is the underground house and other is the bermed house. The roofs of both of these houses are earth covered. Some of the roofs even have a vegetation to lessen the soil erosion.

Pros and Cons of Earth-Sheltered Homes

As with any home design, earth-sheltered houses have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Pros – Such houses act as the conventional houses and are less prone to the outside atmosphere. The adverse climate may not affect the inside ambience of the house and the temperature inside remains stable even in unfavorable climatic conditions. Even Laredo, TX electric companies recommend building earth sheltered houses to conserve energy.
  • Cons – The earth sheltered houses are comparatively costlier to build and also require extra care and maintenance.

If you are planning to own an earth sheltered house you may need choose from one of the many retail Laredo, TX electric providers.

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