The more heat is in your home, the harder your AC unit has to work to keep it cooler. And of course, the harder it works, the more it costs you. So one of the easiest things you can do is not allow heat to build up in your home. Following are some tips for doing this.

Windows: Whether it’s curtains or blinds or shades, all of your windows should be covered to prevent the heat of the sun from penetrating through.

Bathing: When you bathe – whether it’s a shower or a bath – use a fan. This keeps the heat and humidity from building up because it removes the hot air almost immediately. Also use cool water if you can stand it. The cooler the water is, the less heat it emits.

Cooking: Take it outside – as in, to the grill. Not only is food prepared on the grill healthier than many dishes you may prepare in your kitchen, it’s the ideal way to bond with your family – and save on energy at the same time.

Heat Up Your Energy Savings

While you want to keep as much heat out of your home as possible during the summer, you want your energy savings to be red hot!

One of the best ways to do this is two-fold: ditch prepaid electric plans and shop for no deposit electric service plans. Why? Because prepaid electric service rates tend to be some of the most expensive on the market. Traditional Texas electricity suppliers offer ways to avoid having to go this route.

Even if you have to save up and pay a deposit to stay with a low-cost traditional electric company, the savings are worth it because you’ll then qualify for some of the most economical rates instead of some of the most expensive (like with prepaid electric service plans).

For instance, a friend of mine used a no deposit electric company in Houston Texas and was able to achieve a cheap electricity rate while only paying $75 as a deposit.

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