Opening a Houston Texas electric service account is a relatively straightforward process. Where it can get a bit hairy – especially for those who move from “no right to choose” states – is in selecting which energy supplier to go with.

Following is an overview of what you need to open an energy account in Houston Texas, and what to keep in mind when trying to decide which company to sign on with.

Documents Needed to Open a Houston Texas Electric Account

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Government-Issued Identification: This means a valid social security number and driver’s license (or passport or state-issued ID card).

Location: As in, the residence you’re requesting service to;

Begin Date: Date you want service to start.

Your Full Contact Info (Name, address, phone number, usually).

Pretty straightforward stuff.

Now, following is what you need to keep in mind when selecting a Texas electricity provider.

2 Things to Keep in Mind when Shopping for a Texas Electricity Company

Cost Per Kilowatt Hour: There are many different Houston energy plans and suppliers, eg, “no deposit Houston electric service” “prepaid electric service” “no deposit electricity companies” “no deposit electricity suppliers”. However, what they all have in common is that they charge per kilowatt hour (kWh).

For example, when you start comparing Houston prepaid electric service plans to no deposit electric service plans, what may jump out at you is the rate difference. The prepaid plan may be billing at a rate of 15 cents per kWh, while a conventional plan (eg, a no deposit electric plan), may be billing at 11 cents per kWh.

Stability of Company: Because Houston Texas has a competitive energy market, many companies have come on the scene in the last 5-8 years. And, many of them have gone out of business. This is because they try to compete on rate and when market variables change (eg, the price of natural gas goes up), they go belly up.

This is why it pays to stick with traditional Houston Texas electricity companies that have been around a while.

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