When most homeowners think about a skylight, they are usually thinking about the design and appearance. They look forward to creating a bright, airy space. Yet in fact a skylight offers a way for your energy dollars to just fly right out the window.

Your skylight affects light, ventilation and moisture control. Therefore, it directly contributes to your energy consumption in ways that are surprising to many homeowners. Here are a few tips to create an energy-efficient skylight

Once you become aware of how climate affects your skylight, you need to consider these four elements.

Fixed or Ventilating: A fixed skylight doesn’t open. Its sole purpose is to provide light for a room and perhaps make the room seem larger. When you have a ventilating skylight, you can open and close the skylight, much as you would open and close a window. Therefore you have opportunities to get circulating air in summertime.

Skylight Glazing: A skylight’s glazing can be made from a variety of materials, such as glass and plastic. The type you select for energy efficiency will depend on the climate you live in to a large degree.

Thickness of Glass: Often a thicker glass will have stronger insulating properties. Consider whether you need class to keep out cold and heat.

Shape: Your skylight can be rectangular and flat, but it can also take the form of a pyramid, dome or a variety of other shapes. Pyramids and domes allow light to enter from different angles. Of these, the pyramidal, arched, and domed shapes offer flexibility in placement. In a wet climate you have to consider drainage options as well.

A skylight can be a beautiful addition to your home. And they’re even more enjoyable when you know that your energy dollars are not floating right out of them. You can save on all your electricity bills when you compare rates of suppliers. Get started with this online automated system to compare electricity rates in Texas. For instance, the LITE-U gives consumers a break on their bills from May through September in the form of discounts. If you’re using a high-cost option like a prepaid electric service plan, you can’t take advantage of savings like this.

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