Houston Texas Electric Rates
Compare Houston Texas Electric Rates

The first thing to consider when picking a Houston Texas electric provider is to understand how providers hide fees.

If you see a really good cheap electric rate cheaper than everyone else you want to see first if that is a variable electric rate.

A variable electric rate in Houston is only good for the first month usually.

Some of these Houston providers variable electric rates are only good a few days into the rate. Watch out for those not a good company to be with.

The Houston electricity rates in our comparison chart have all fees and charges included in the price. The only thing not included are taxes which is industry standard.

We offer variable electric rates in our Houston comparison chart but they change with the commodities market and not indiscrimately.

If you are ok with risk than a variable rate gets you into an electric rate with no commitment and you may see your rate go down.

A fixed Houston TX electricity rate is a much better rate plan to go with. You have price predictability with a fixed rate which you don’t have with variable rate plans.

Rather than go with a Houston Texas variable price why not just choose a fixed rate? Many people will only be at a place short term which is why a variable rate is a better choice. If they leave their apartment early they will not be hit up with an early termination penalty because they are not locked into a rate.

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