Sugar Land Texas Electric Rates
Sugar Land Texas Electric Rates

Sugar Land Texas is considered a deregulated electric utility market. For those relocating to this amazing city this means you get to choose your electric provider.

Politically here people like to say, you have “The Power To Choose“.  When Texas first deregulated the electricity market natural gas prices in the commodities market were skyrocketing around the same time.

This perfect storm situation caused electric rates to dramatically increase in price as Texas started selling electric service from multiple competitive electric companies.

Many began to say that obviously Texas deregulating the electricity market did not work.

We now see however that it has worked as Texas electricity prices have come back down significantly.

Politically the democrats in Sugar Land Texas would love to put the whole Texas electricity grid back under monopoly regulated power with no choice in who your company will be.

This would cause the free market system in regards to electricity prices to stop working and expensive government bureaucracy and taxes would raise your rate to pay for bloated government jobs.

Right now we have a free market system with over 30 different  retail electricity service providers in Sugar Land available to offer you electric service.

Their rates and plans are all different and suited to fit almost anyones situation and budget.

One major problem exists in Sugar Land Texas in regards to electric companies and that has to do with no deposit and prepaid electric companies.

Some of the prepaid electric companies in Sugar Land TX are offering what appears to be a low charge for electric service but comes with large fees and charges after the first month of service.

You may have seen ads saying no credit check and no deposit required by some disreputable electric providers in Sugar Land. What they fail to disclose is that the $99 start up fee also comes with more charges in two weeks or less.

Once they have figured out an estimate of you electricity usage for your home or apartment they will ask you for more money.

Since they did not advertise what your per kilowatt hour rate is but instead prominently displayed $99 start up fee you may not realize what you will soon be charged.

The Sugar Land electricity provider will take a very high per kilowatt hour rate like 16 cents per kWh and will multiply it against an estimate of what they think you will use in electricity.

So if they believe you will use an additional 1,000 kilowatt hours that month even after you paid $99 they may multiple .16 x 1,000 and ask you for $160 more to keep electric service on in your name.

You may not have realized that you would have to pay an energy company in Sugar Land $260 total for one month of electric service but hopefully you can understand the situation a little better.

Rather than choosing a high priced electric rate with a Sugar Land prepaid electric company offering a no credit check we recommend shopping around.

You can use the electric rate chart at the top right of this page to begin shopping and comparing electricity rates in Sugar Land Texas.

You will be approved or approved with a deposit all online.

I recommend tying to order electric service online with several Sugar Land TX electric providers until you either get a rate with no deposit or atleast a good rate and a low deposit you can afford to pay.

If you still need more assistance to pay a deposit I recommend calling the Department of Health and Human Services of Texas who may be able to offer you low income government assistance.

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