Katy TX Electric Rates

by admin on September 18, 2010

If you have been considering switching to a different Katy, Texas electricity service provider because of the potential savings, there are several things you should know.  First of all, there is no need to worry about your service being interrupted during a change; changing your provider in no way affects the delivery of your service as that aspect is handled by your local utility.  Secondly, you may not need to switch providers if you are happy with your current provider but only want a lower rate.  Many companies are willing to give you a lower cost package if you continue your service with them, especially if you have a good payment history.

If, however, your current electric company refuses to give you a better rate it may be time for a change.  Use ElectricRates online comparison tool to get the most up to date information on which electric companies serve the Katy, Texas area and what their rates are.  You can order your new service online through ElectricRates.  There is no cost to obtain service with a new company, but you may want to consult your contract with your current electric provider to see if there is a cancellation fee and if this fee is more or less than your potential savings.

We hope we have answered some of your questions about the Katy, Texas electricity market, but please do call us at 1-800-971-4020 if you have further questions.  Kick start your savings by keeping your refrigerator as full as possible to reduce the amount of energy it uses.

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