If you are confused about how the Mabank, Texas electricity market works and what it means for you, here’s the basics.  Due to deregulation consumers have a choice in their electric service provider which has caused multiple companies to pop up or become more prominent, hoping to get your business.  Your electricity service provider does not deliver your electricity or maintain your power lines; this is done by the local utility, called Transmission and Distribution Service Providers, and any power outages or other emergencies will always be handled by them.  Your Mabank, Texas electricity service provider is simply the electric company you choose to purchase your electricity from, and each company varies in regard to electric rates, pricing packages, and technology options.

Use ElectricRates online comparison tool if you’d like to get started shopping for a new Mabank, Texas electricity service provider.  Enter your zip code and service type to see a list of all electric companies serving Mabank, Texas and what their rates are.  The comparison of electric rates is easy when you take advantage of our online tool, and you can even order your new service online through ElectricRates when you find an electric company you like.

We hope we’ve answered your questions about how the electricity market works, but if you do have additional questions please feel free to call 1-800-971-4020 to speak with an energy consultant.  In the meantime, save energy and money by limiting how often you open your refrigerator door.

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