Decades ago, energy efficiency wasn’t a common concept used in home building. Most everyone in American is well aware of the importance of having an energy efficient home. In the past years, saving our environment and going green has become a way of life. Everyone is trying to do their part to help preserve our world.


Single family households are a big part of the world’s pollution. All the energy required to keep our homes running causes fossil fuels to be burned to create the energy we need. Most of us do not have brand new Energy Star rated homes, but there are several things you can do to make your home more efficient. 

3 Tips For Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

  1. Replacing your appliances is an easy way to be more efficient. Today’s market provides a wide variety of Energy Star appliances so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Simply look for the Energy Star label when purchasing your products to be sure it is efficient. This is a great way to lower your energy use and utilities bill.
  2. Many times older homes have poor insulation simply because there were no building codes at that time and people did not understand its significance. There are many options available for insulation including blown in insulation. Depending on your homes build there will be many options available. Insulation will cut down on your heating and cooling needs saving energy.
  3. Replacing your windows with energy efficient windows is a great way to save. This will keep your heating and cool builds lower. New windows will prevent drafts and your warm or cold air from seeping out. This upgrade can save you hundreds on your annual utilities bill.

Above are three simple ways to make your home more energy efficient, but if you are unsure which would be best for you a home energy audit could be the answer. A home energy audit can tell you what project to tackle first and which one would save you the most money. This is a great way to fully understand your home’s energy upgrade needs.

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