Ah yes, lightning. Quite cool to watch from afar. Though it begins to get pretty hairy and  intimidating once it’s hitting close to you. How much power can a lightning bolt generate? How fast can a bolt of lightning move?

Did you know that one bolt of lightning produces approximately 1,5000 MJ (megajoules)? To put this in “visible” terms you could use this single bolt of lightning to power a 100 watt light bulb for almost six months. That’s half a year, folks. And that’s just one bolt.

Don’t you wish you could just go outside with a box full of empty peanut butter jars? Walk way out in the middle of an open field in Falcon Heights, Texas. Then catch some of these bolts. You’d be set until next year!

I read this article about Texas Electricity check it out.

Then when the Jones’ come over, you could take them down to your basement and show off your stacks of hard work. Then maybe offer to sell them some. Maybe open up a roadside stand.

Well, see that guy with the frizzled hair and the shocked (couldn’t help it) look on his face? He was probably trying to run to get out of the way, or towards it with his peanut butter jar.

Thing is, you can’t chase down something going up to 60,000 miles per second. Now that’s fast. Blink fast. Kinda makes cousin Bob in his classic (read: old) Camaro seem like a slugster of a ride.

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