Bill White points out Texas Energy problems

by admin on November 2, 2010

Houston mayor and Texas Democratic governor candidate Bill White said he wants Texans to use less electricity.

In a speech at a Gulf Coast Power Association conference about six days before Election Day, he said, “We need to focus on three things: Energy efficiency in buildings, energy efficiency in vehicles, and displacing some coal-fired power production with natural gas,” he said. “That would cut utility bills, clean the air and reduce oil imports.”

It sounds nice doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to pay less for electricity, gas and oil?

The Houston mayor pointed out a few issues he sees, but offered no solution by saying we need to cut down on these things.

Most people do what they need to do to cut down on energy usage. We try to keep lights off when we’re not in the house. We don’t leave our cars running when we’re not using them.

Like most things, it’s much easier said than done.

As governor, would White suggest not using electricity or oil at all? All he did was point out the obvious.

He said using less energy in buildings in cars would “cut the utility bills, clean the air, and reduce oil imports.”

Wow, that’s insight Mr. Mayor. I wasn’t aware that using less electricity would cost less on my electricity bill. I didn’t understand that using less oil would mean we wouldn’t have to bring in as much oil.

Where do I sign up for this plan? What’s your solution for accomplishing this elaborate energy plan?

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