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Prior to electric deregulation, when we had a regulated energy market, we dealt with government inefficient behaviors, as you find in our school systems.

Energy makes up a large part of our economy and provides power and lock and step employees with job security that allows politicians to take those employees votes to the bank.

Why do you think Chavez in Venezuela took over much of the energy sector in his country? He understands that having control over such a vital resource equals more political power.

We however live in the United States in a free capitalistic society. Our freedoms give us better more efficient companies with the principles of limited government in place to keep ourselves in a free republic.

Having the freedom to create new innovative companies in the energy sector is why we have been able to expand our companies into most other nations in order to provide them superior oil and natural gas exploration services.

It was just last month that a local drilling manufacturing company loaned their oil and natural gas drill to help free those miners in Chili.

It wasn’t an innovative socialistic country that loaned them advanced technology it was an energy company in the US that was not hindered by government intrusion and takeover.

The voters allowed deregulation to take place in Pennsylvania and Texas and although prices soared around the time Texas deregulated they eventually came back down in price.

Texas was the unlucky recipient of bad timing as commodity prices were in large demand around the same time Texas deregulated their electric utility market.

The Democrats used the bad timing situation of higher energy fuel prices as the reason why Texas deregulation had failed.

Not very long after these high prices electricity and commodity fuel prices came down quite a bit below where prices were before deregulation.

We now experience very good prices for electric service in Texas because of deregulation and many see Texas as a great success story and as a benchmark for how to do it right.

Pennsylvania had a first failed attempt at deregulation and made another try for it just about a year ago. This time however Pennsylvania deregulation was a huge success and some claim as good if not better than Texas.

Now people in Texas and Pennsylvania are seeing much cheaper electricity prices over the prior big brand energy monopolies that provided no choice.

If you haven’t compared electric rates against big brand energy in TX and PA we recommend looking into it.

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