For most people if they have the opportunity to save money they will and now residents of Pennsylvania have the chance to save money on one expense that they probably never thought they would.

Those residents that live in electricity market areas that are no longer regulated by the government can pay less for their power by choosing a company that offers a lower rate.

The electricity that you will be provided with if you switch is the same electricity that you have always depended only it is supplied by a different provider.

This results in lower, often significantly lower, utility rates for you.

Numerous utility providers are popping up all over Pennsylvania now and competing with your local utility supplier and others for your business.

This is why it is important to compare the many providers’ rates because not each one offers to sell you energy at the same rate even though the electricity is the same. does not sell electricity service through Palmco Power. Please contact Palmco to get the latest rates.

Palmco Power PA LLC can help you decide which energy provider to choose by providing you with a quote of what rate they would charge you, which you can then compare to the rate you pay your current provider.

Call Palmco at 1-877-726-5862 or let Electric Rates help you compare even more providers by calling 1-800-971-4020.

Electric rates will provide you with a chart that compares each rate that is available to you so that you can save the most amount of money possible.

Now that the market is deregulated there is no reason to pay too much for your electricity service in Pennsylvania.

14 thoughts on “Palmco Power PA LLC: The Power to Choose the Price You Want to Pay

  1. Tom Laraia says:

    I am totally disappointed with Palmco. I switched a couple of months ago and just last month my rate jumped up over 15%. I tried calling customer service to see what happened and I was on hold for over an hour with no answer. I caled MetEd and got through in 4 minutes and switched my service back to them. I don’t understand how a rate could jump that much in one month. I have friends that switched to Palmco on my recommendation and will be apologizing to them as I see them.

  2. Charlie says:

    Palmco is a scam. Yes, they were cheap for 3 months. Then they jumped from 7.43 to 9.21 cents/KWH. I called in and they said the rate is now 9.9 today. I told them they did not say it was an introducory rate and gave me a credit at the 7.43 rate. At the same time wanting a decision about cancelling their service. Sounding like they wanted me to cancel.
    I called in again as a new customer and was told their current rate is 7.43. Asked if it was an introductory rate and if existing customers get this rate. Was assured the rate has been staying at 7.43 for several months now. Told him our neighbor got a bill at 9.21 (yes neighbor on Palmco too), then he said he didn’t have this months rates update. Told him it was last month’s bill, then he said it must have been an error and wanted the neighbors name to check with accounting. Didn’t give it to the scammer.
    Use them for three months, but make sure you call met-ed and tell them to switch you back as soon as the 2nd bill comes out. Takes 10 day waiting period then the next meter reeading to switch back. Sounds like the great rate lasts only 3 months. The PA consumer advocacy office said to expect 12 cent rates within a few months.
    I think there should be an investigation into their business practices in that they do not reveal their rates for ongoing customers.

  3. KF says:

    I was getting electric bills in the 400-600 range. Well, I spent $1500 on the attic insulation and knocked them back to the $300 range. Well, Palmco raised the base kwh rate from 7.6 cents per kwh to 12.8 cents per kwh. Does not sound like much but when you buy 2600 of them per month we are talking $140 increase..

    I called and complained and they knocked it back to 9.1 cents per kwh which is what Met-Ed is offering.

    Yes, I am happy that I did the attic project as it is saving me $$$ But, this is getting crazy.

    I will switch back to Met-Ed. I don’t think I will see these wild swings with them as much.

    Next project is solar… I am getting tired of this crap !

  4. David Roberts says:

    I am totally upset at the calous behavior of Palmco. Not only did it take 3 months to actually get switched over to Palmco (not their fault says they) but after several months at a competitive rate I received a bill that was nearly 16% jump from the price they were STILL advertizing as being their current rate ( its first jump was only from 0.0649 up to the new rate of 0.08128)
    At that time I called (finally got through with an email) and was assured that they would adjust my rate downwards 10% whereas I was a disabled senior…. RIGHT! my next bill revealed the rate had risen to 0.1096, which when compared to the initial rate is damned near a 100% hike. (noit only that but the rate they are still advertizing is still about the same as their initial advertized rate)
    I have yet been able to contact Palmco, but I have gotten ahold ot the PUC, etc. I am going to go full bore with the PUC and bureau for Consumer affairs, etc. They are a scam/rip-off, flim-flam middle man operation who in truth probably produce NO electricity, and are acting as merely “power-brokers” (excuse the pun)!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    DO NOT SWITCH TO PALMCO. DO NOT DO IT. They are so full of SH*T. Started at 7.47 cents for 3 mos, went to 9.21 cents for 2 mos, and now is 12.847606 cents!!!! And they say “we stated it was a variable rate” and then offered to credit me$30.37, which is only half of what I lost by not sticking with Met-Ed. AND, they are saying they will only issue the credit if Ido not cancel. I of course am going to cancel regardless, and fight with them later. In the meantime, it is costing me because it takes 1 to 2 billing cycles to take effect. Nice. Total scam. I hope they lose their a$$ for their scamming practices and I hope the Bureau of Consumer Protection steps in.

  6. Dan Newton says:

    I selected Palmco with the initial rate of .063 kwh. After a few initial months at that rate, they bumped me to 12.5 and then 15.1. I had the 3 highest electric bills I ever paid with Palmco. Cancelled them last week and locked in a .0675 rate with FirstEnergy. Palmco seems like they’re running a bait and switch scam and the PUC should look into their billing practices.

  7. Chris says:

    I’ve had a similar experience with Palmco. My initial rate was .0649 kwh. It lasted one month, then jumped to .1258 kwh. The tariff rate is .071 kwh. I was told their variable rate at max would track the tariff rate. Looks to me the PUC is allowing deceptive bait and switch practices of Palmco. I wrote the PUC and the PA Attorney Generals office regarding the deceptive marketing practice, but was told I took the risk of a variable rate. I did notice they are still advertising the .0649 rate on the PA Powerchoice website and it doesn’t say introductory rate. Wonder if some lawyer would look at a class action suit. I would participate……..

  8. Alex says:

    DO NOT SWITCH TO PAMCO. I had an extremely painful experience with PAMCO in central PA. Their rate was low for 2 months, then went up about 25%, after another month went up another 25% (naturally, I am switching away, but it takes about a month to switch). They are a total scam, don’t switch to them because you will lose money. I am outraged they still can get away with advertising low rates whereas it’s just a bait, your bill will go up a lot after a couple of months, and I am surprised they are not sued for this.

  9. audrey says:

    Just switched yesterday. Palmco is literally charging twice the price per KW as West Penn Power and I’m stuck with the bill….$262. This is after doing everything I can do to conserve energy in my home. I’ve been ripped off. Yeah, variable rate, all right.

  10. Duane says:

    same problem. Went from 0.0649 up to 0.11658, while still advertising 0.0649 on Powerswitch. Variable rate, and dishonest.

  11. sam says:

    Palmco Energy is one of the biggest scams to hit NJ! They promise you “lower” rates then PSE&G which is NOT true. DO NOT switch over. They solicited me through the phone, at first they make it appear that they are from PSE&G and when it’s time to enroll with them thats when they will inform the customer that they are not. Here is what they do not disclose to you. Number 1- they do not disclose to you that their rates are “variable” they do not tell you that the rates can go up whenever they “feel” like it. Number 2- they do not disclose the fact that though they are the “supplier” you STILL have to pay PSE&G for “delivery” charges which are almost as much as your bill. So you are left paying DOUBLE the amount of what you would have paid. So beware they will not disclose that to you, and if they do you will be paying A LOT of money for supply and delivery. Number 3- they do not disclose to you that the process to sign up with them takes about 2-3 months, and here’s the catch. Once you realize that you are being charged extra money the process to CANCEL takes about 2-3 months as well. So you are STUCK with Palmco wether you like it or not because it’s a “process” which they NEVER tell you. Once I called to cancel my services with them the following month I received a bill of $400 AND they INCREASED my rates and when I spoke to them about it they said well thats the “variable” rate that I signed up for, even though PSE&G were at a MUCH MUCH lower rate. Mind you NO contract was signed it was all over the phone. Buyers beware! Do not sign with this company! They have THE WORST customer service, they are a SCAM they do not fully disclose all the information that is needed. They might show you a lower rate but they can RAISE it whenever they feel like it, and because they are not regulated there is nothing the consumer can do about it.

  12. Sherry Patchell says:

    I have been thru hell with these people, It is the worse supplier ever, I have Delmarva Power and thought they were high, Palmco came to our door and made it sound like we would save so much money, of course as all have learned They are liars and so dishonest. After the 2nd month with them I was paying Delmarva Power 9.06kw, thru Palmco 16.9, well I finally fired them asking them for my competitive rates back, I had to wait for the 2 year contract to end, and now I get this bill of $820.00 plus late fees, I have tried to fight this company for months, then when I finally get a supervisor on the phone, he said he couldn’t do anything because the last bill was estimated, so now Im back on phone to Delmarva Power, they said all rates are on bill, they said I needed something from Delmarva stating that it was estimated and the actual charges, Well it states it on Bill, Now this is what is holding them back from giving me my overage payments on my kw. .9.06 from Delmarva, to 16.9 times 2 years, I think they OWE me big time, DO NOT GET PALMCO POWER… THEY ARE SCAM Artists… Take advantage of people barely making the bills,

  13. Robin Green says:

    My tenants received their monthly bill from Palmco end it was for $1106.15 with a rate for KWH at .27791. First of all the account is on my name and I never signed up for the change of service or even requested it. My tenants are Mexican and do not speak English very well. I called PPL and they said that the service from Palmco has been since May 2013. Unfortunately the monthly bills are sent to the tenants and I do not see them. Up until last month the bills were around $200.00 and then this one for over $1000.00. Has anyone else been set up by Palmco illegally.

  14. woodrow hutchins says:

    what a scumbag company they tell you that your getting fair market value but your not ,it went from 13 to31 cents in one month they are a scam

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