Retail energy companies all over Pennsylvania are offering consumers lower utility rates now that they have the ability to do so.

You no longer have only one choice for your utility supplier like you did not so long ago and paying too much for utilities is a thing of the past.

These days’ residents all over Pennsylvania and other states are comparing the rates of different providers and saving money each and every month on their electricity supply.

Companies such as Spark Energy L.P. buy electricity from the company that generates power, which up until now was also the company that supplied you with the electricity that you needed, and then charges you a lower rate to have the power delivered to you.

You still have the same electricity and you still call the same company if you have a problem but you pay a much lower price for your energy supply.

PA ElectricityTo start comparing rates to your current company contact Spark Energy L.P. by calling 1-877-547-7275.

Just knowing one other company’s rates can lead to significant savings.

Comparing even more rates though can result in saving even more money and Electric Rates wants to help you do that which is why they supply you with a comparison tool to compare the rates of all of the electricity providers in your area.

Use the tool or call a consultant at 1-800-971-4020 to have them help you find the company that will save you the most money on your utilities.

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