Although electricity rates in Connecticut are not the highest in the nation they are among the top five highest in the U.S.

Topped only by Hawaii’s electricity rates Connecticut does have the highest rates in the continental United States with New York being the consistent runner up.

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  • In July of 2007 New York’s electricity rates climbed higher than Connecticut’s when they reached 17.89 cents per kwh.
  • At that same time Hawaii’s rate was 25.30 cents per kwh.
  • As of August Connecticut’s per kilowatt hour electricity rate was 17.18 cents per kwh but New York’s was only 17.06 cents.

Connecticut has consistently held the number two position in electricity rates and likely will continue to do so.

This has much to do with the fact that a large portion of electricity in Connecticut is produced by natural gas which has a tendency to rise and fall in price.

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