With the rising energy rates these days it is often difficult to find ways to keep your energy bill down by any significant amount.

Many people make the decision to use less electricity which can be helpful but other factors need to be considered as well in order to make a difference.

Knowing when to use the least amount of power in order to avoid peak hours is just as important as reducing the amount of energy you use and Smart Meters can help you determine when your peak hours are.

Also, use the Electric Rates energy rate comparison tool in order to find the lowest energy rate available.

  • SmartMeters can help consumers to determine what time of day they use the most electricity.
  • SmartMeters can help consumers determine which appliances use the most energy.
  • SmartMeters are currently being used by PG&E.

SmartMeters are currently being used throughout Santa Cruz County by customers who choose to have the new technology installed.

There are some reservations regarding the use of the Smart Meters due to the fact that their use involves wireless technology which can produce negative health effects.

Although negative health effects may be minimal the lack of research regarding the technology is the cause for concern.

Those customers who do not have the option of having a SmartMeter installed should call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to compare local energy provider rates.  This can lead to a significant amount of monthly savings on energy costs.

Many individuals do not realize that they have the power to choose from a number of electricity providers.  Contact Electric Rates and they can help you choose the best one so that you can get the lowest energy rate possible.

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