Even though a significant amount of money can be saved by comparing energy rates few people are taking advantage of the benefits of price comparison.  Once electricity markets in certain states became deregulated customers were given the power to choose between numerous energy providers in their area but not as many people as you would think are comparing all of the rates available to them.

Compare the rates of your local energy companies by calling Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020.

  • Energy rate savings can total anywhere from 10-20 percent.
  • Only approximately 30 percent of the customers who go through PPL Electric Utilities have taken this important step to saving on monthly energy costs.
  • Companies that generate electricity have stated that rates could drop 8-12 percent this year.

Many of those individuals who have chosen to compare the rates of electricity providers in their area have seen considerable savings in their monthly energy costs.

The end of the cap on PPL rates has led to a hike of about 30 percent for residential customers.  Electricity rates change often so it is important to compare rates often.

Use the online comparison tool provided by Electric Rates to compare all electricity providers that serve your neighborhood.  With so many providers to choose from there is a fair chance that you will find a lower rate than what you are currently paying.

An Electric Rates representative can give you more information on deregulation and price comparison so call them and start saving on your energy rate.

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