A merger in the workings between Penelec, which is a FirstEnergy electric company, and Allegheny Power will result in a freeze on electricity delivery rates in Franklin County Pennsylvania.

The freeze has been agreed on by the two companies as part of their merger deal.

Although the delivery of electricity is more costly than the actual electricity supply it is also important to pay the lowest supply rate possible.

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  • Penelec and Allegheny Power electricity delivery rates will not increase before October 1, 2012.
  • $11 Million in delivery credits will be provided to residential customers.
  • Delivery rates for other companies may increase after December of this year.

With the rate cap on delivery rates ending in January other electricity customers may see an increase in their monthly electricity costs.

Those customers that have their electricity delivered by Penelec or Allegheny may pay less than other customers following the lift of the rate cap.

Electricity customers have the power to choose who generates and who delivers their electricity.

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