For many people the cost of their electricity consumption is a large part of their monthly budget and there is always the desire to find ways to save.

Buying electricity from a company that purchases their energy from alternative sources is one way to save money and a company in Texas is planning to make this an option for some Tennessee residents.

The company plans to build wind turbines in Oklahoma and use the generated power to supply an area of Tennessee.

Because companies purchase their energy from different sources it is important to compare electricity rates so use the Electric Rates comparison tool to compare and possibly save.

  • The wind for the Texas energy company project will be generated in the Oklahoma Panhandle.
  • The huge amount of wind available in Oklahoma is an asset to the clean energy industry.
  • Up to 10,000 megawatts of wind is currently being used in Oklahoma.

With the large amount of wind generated in Oklahoma it’s no wonder that electricity companies are wanting to take advantage of the resource.

The use of the cleaner energy results in lower energy costs for the consumer so advancements in this type of technology are welcomed.

More and more energy providers are beginning to purchase wind power so it is important to compare energy company rates.

Those that purchase this type of energy pay less so you often do to.  Call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to do an electricity rate price comparison.

It can be intimidating sorting through all of the information regarding electricity rates and plans so let Electric Rats explain it to you.

Contact them today and you could be saving by the new year when other people’s rates will be going up.

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