While many energy consumers are worried that lifts on rate caps at the beginning of the year will result in energy generation and delivery rate increases some customers in Connecticut may be looking at a decrease.

Individuals who buy power generated by Connecticut light and Power will likely see a decrease in the electricity generation rate on their monthly bill starting in early 2011.

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  • Customers of Connecticut Light and Power can expect an approximately 14 percent decrease in their electricity generation rate.
  • The decrease will be from 11.05 cents per kwh to 9.48 cents per kwh.
  • The decline in electricity generation rates is expected to continue into 2012.

A 14 percent decrease in the electricity generation rate will provide Connecticut Light and Power customers with considerable savings.

There is no prediction so far as to how much that rate may drop by 2012 but any decrease in the rate will be welcomed as Connecticut is known for having high energy rates.

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