Maryland Customers to See Electricity Rates Decrease

by Michelle on December 6, 2010

Many residential consumers of electricity are looking towards rate decreases at the beginning of the year and that includes some Maryland customers.

Those individuals that have their electricity provided by Baltimore Gas and Electric will be seeing drops in electricity rates by as early as the summer of 2011.

BGE credits the lower rates to the drop in energy prices due to the lessening need for oil.

Many companies are dropping their rates now and customers have the power to choose which company they receive their power from.

Electric Rates can help you decide on the best choice so contact them at 1-800-971-4020 to find out more.

  • Savings for BGE customers could total as much as $340 per year.
  • Average BGE electric bills in Maryland run around $145 per month.
  • In June of next year bills could drop to as low as $129.

A drop of nearly $20 on BGE electric bills is expected which can really add up after 12 months.

Competitive markets are the reason for such rate drops and the more companies offering electricity in your area the more competitive rates you will find.

Shop around for the best electricity rate by using the Electric Rates comparison tool located on their main webpage.

By comparing electricity rates you may find an even lower rate than the one offered by BGE.

Call Electric Rates or visit their website to be sure to lock in a low electricity rate before the cap lift in January.

You can choose an energy provider and sign up with their company all in one night and be saving by tomorrow.

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