Ever since the deregulation of the electricity market in Illinois electricity companies other than the local one you are accustomed to going through have been popping up and offering energy customers savings on their energy rate.

Early in 2011 Champion Energy will become a new competitor in the ComEd electricity market which consists of nearly 70 percent of the Illinois electricity customers.

When the rate caps come off in January 2011 rate comparison will be even more important so call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to learn more about comparing electricity rates.

  • Champion will offer a 100 percent renewable energy plan.
  • Champion gained the ability to serve unregulated market areas in May of 2010.
  • Champion Energy has been licensed to supply electricity since 2007.

Although Champion Energy is a somewhat new company they are a trusted name. The company is Houston based and has a high satisfaction rate.

Electricity customers who wish to switch electricity companies will be able to do so easily so don’t be afraid to make the switch and save yourself some money every month.

Customers who are interested in finding a lower energy rate now may be able to. Use the Electric Rates online comparison tool to see if savings are available to you now.

All you need is a zip code to find out which companies are offering which electricity rates.

You could wait until 2011 to save but why should you when you may be able to save now.

Contact Electric Rates to see if you can pay a lower energy rate.

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