The deregulated electricity market in Pennsylvania is causing competition between the local utility companies and those that offer lower energy rates.

Spark Energy may provide electricity savings for PECO market customers so those individuals in Pennsylvania in this area should be sure to compare electricity rates.

Variations can range anywhere from a penny to five cents or more per kwh.

Let Electric Rates do the work for you and comparing electricity rates will be the easiest step you can take to saving money.

  • Spark Energy will offer customers a 12-month fixed-rate electricity plan.
  • It costs consumers nothing to switch to an alternative power provider.
  • The 12-month fixed rate will be 8.93 cents per kwh.
  • PECO serves over 1.5 million Pennsylvania electricity customers.

With so many customers being at stake it is no wonder why Spark Energy plans to offer such a low energy rate.

Fixed rate plans allow customers to better budget their electricity consumption costs as there is no guess work involved as with variable rate plans.

The fixed rate offer comes at a perfect time considering electricity rate caps will be lifted at the start of the new year.

If you are an electricity customer in this Pennsylvania area and do not want to wait for a lower energy rate compare rates of other companies now.

Call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 and they can help you find a lower rate today.

Comparing electricity rates does not have to be as difficult as it seems.

Use Electric Rates to make comparing rates and switching to another electricity company simple.

PECO Electricity Prices

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